Jewish Wedding Glass Package

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Jewish Wedding Glass Package
The perfect gift for any Jewish wedding! I create the hand-blown (thin) glass cup to break under the wedding canopy (chuppah), and ship it to you anywhere in the world. The broken pieces are sent back to me in the envelope provided. I then make a beautiful hand-blown glass keepsake gift for the bride and groom by melting the pieces into a hand-blown gift of choice. Gifts can be a new glass cup, a mezuzah case, a pomegranate. a salt dish or two matching glass goblets with stems (additional cost). The wedding glass gift is always cherished as unique and memorable.You are purchasing the entire package, including the first cup to be broken at the wedding, a padded envelope for sending back the broken pieces, and the final hand-blown glass gift made by integrating the broken pieces. Shipping both blown pieces is included in the price.You will choose your gift when sending the broken pieces on the form provided
Art by Sheva Chaya

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