Rosh Hashanah Honey Dish Israeli olive wood handmade from Israel with kosher Honey Jar glass plate and wood sticks ho1

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Rosh Hashanah Honey Dish Rosh Hashanah Israeli olive wood handmade from Israel with Honey Jar glass plate and wood stick

This handmade slice of natural olive wood made beautiful honey dish Décor for the new coming year and sweet year BLESSING, and my own Designed with love.
The olive tree is from Israel the holy land. It is very important for the Jewish tradition.
The olive tree mention in the bible a lot times.
This wood is very hard and looks very nice texture.
Engraved on the wood "שֶׁתְּחַדֵּשׁ עָלֵינו שָׁנָה טוֹבָה וּמְתוּקָּה"
The meaning that "will be a New and sweet year"
Include 1small kosher Honey Jar, wooden Honey stick
If you interested more small kosher Honey Jar the price each one 3 USD more
Please contact me before to change the price
The dimensions are: L 5.3 Inch + -, W 3.5 Inch, H 2.5 Inch
Weight 260 Gram.
Designed by Benny Hershkowitz Israel

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