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Luxurious Holidays platters

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KC363-mandala plates
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Get ready to show off at your dinner parties or Holidays with the personalised platter. Chic and stylish, your serving board is deal for showcasing a dessert centerpiece or simply used to serve bites and nibbles. Made from anti-bacterial Stonemax, this is super hygienic as well as super gorgeous. The design is one of my hand painted paintings I may customize on demand. Just contact me.

Serving Platter Features
2 sizes: 27.5 cm or 17 cm diameter
Made from hygienic Stonemax
Anti bacterial, non porous and FSA food safe
Can withstand up to 130°c

2 sizes: 17 cm or 27.5 cm
Made from non-porous Stonemax
Extremely hygienic
FSA food safe
3D print wrap
Temperatures up to 130°c
Life long print

Care: Not dishwasher safe. Hand wash with warm soapy water.

These make wonderful Holidays serving dishes, so choose a festive theme and design your platter with a photo collage. For a winter wonderland theme, think snowmen, icicles, snowflakes and ice-skating. If you buy a set (the price per platter reduces when you buy more than 1) you can have special serving platters for different things.

For dinner parties, print your unique serving tray with the name of the hosts and a memorable photograph. This is a sure fire way to get people chatting and showing interest in their hosts.

Your bespoke platter also looks fabulous when designed with a scenic landscape shot. Put those scenery photos you take on holiday to use and print them on your very own personalised serving board. For summer garden parties and barbecues, they’ll really fit the theme.

These are great presents for mums and dads who have friends and family pop over feeling a little peckish. Simply open up the snacks and serve up your custom made board on the coffee table so everybody can dig in. They are also a lovely commemorative wedding gift printed with a special photo from the big day.

Shipping within 2 days-Express mail with tracking number. about a week to get it at home. Manufactured in United Kingdom

All rights reserved to Sandrine Kespi

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