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Selling on Amazon - Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

by jeff wright

Want to sell on Amazon? 

Read ahead:

Even if you’re already selling on Amazon, because of the uncertainty of the future of this gigantic platform, it is highly recommended on many Amazon Seller Blogs, to make sure to place at least 20% of your resources on your own branded platform instead of going all in on Amazon.

Disadvantages of selling on Amazon:

  1. Options - Our favorite advantage of selling on Shtotty, is that you can offer unlimited customization options to any product.  Amazon’s product descriptions are usually
  2. Cost - Amazon charges a referral fee on each product sold as follows:
    1. Referral fee -  which ranges from 6% all the way up to 20%.  
    2. Account fees - which is either $0.99 per product (equivalent of 10% on a $10 item), or a monthly fee of $39.00 per month (even if you have zero sales that month).  
    3. Tax fees - If you want Amazon to collect tax on items they charge a fee for that.
    4. Return fees - If a customer returns an item, Amazon charges you a fee for that!
    5. Shipping fees - standard fees for regular shipping, high fees for 2nd day shipping.
    6. Fulfillment fees - if you choose to use Amazon’s FBA.
  3. It’s hard to get accepted as a Seller on Amazon.
  4. Your Products Can Become Restricted and Unsellable at Any Time
  5. Complications - A lot can go wrong with damaged items, lost items, and other warehouse issues.
  6. Poor Service - it’s hard to get information or technical support from Amazon.
  7. Reviews and feedback - Amazon will allow sellers to leave ridiculous complaints which ruin the seller’s reputation, even when it is not the Seller’s fault.
  8. Calls - Amazon will not allow customers to reach out to Sellers, which many times can help resolve issues and prevent return of items.
  9. Returns - Amazon has a high rate of returns because it is always in favor of the customer due to the high supply of sellers.
  10. Descriptions - Amazon controls all content and is very complicated and time consuming to get them to change content.
  11. Pricing - Amazon crawls the web to determine fair pricing, and if they find that your products are priced too high, they may shut you down without prior notice.
  12. Listings - your product listings isn’t private and other sellers have access to sell under the same listing, oftentimes resulting in security gaps leading to fraudulent and misrepresented product listing, ending in bad reviews, and sometimes in shutting down your account.


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Free Shipping - Why it works!

by Inc. Shtotty

This Article will be updated soon.  Please check back after November 25th.

  • Customers love Free Shipping
  • Customers dislike the suspense of not knowing the final price until checkout
  • Subconsciously customers feel they’re getting ripped off by the shipping fee
  • Everybody loves free stuff, and Free Shipping is no different
  • Free Shipping is respected by consumers
  • Free Shipping is for the big leagues and gains respect by customers
  • Free Shipping catches attention
  • Shtotty has a global filter for filtering results by “Free Shipping”
  • Build the shipping costs into the product price when possible

Content - Why Good Content is Important!

by Inc. Shtotty

This Article will be updated soon.  Please check back after November 25th.

  • You know your products the best customers may not
  • Your customers may not be aware of the benefits or features of your product
  • Good content includes good descriptions, and high quality images of your product
  • Good content is fun to look at and read
  • Good content is professional and lack of content may disway buyers from purchasing your item

Shipping & Return Policies - Why It's important

by Inc. Shtotty

This Article will be updated soon.  Please check back after November 25th.

  • Customers are worried when purchasing anything online without having details about their package
  • Customers are worried when purchasing from new Sellers without having details about their package
  • Customers are more settled when presented with Return options
  • Customers are more likely to buy when presented with professional Shipping Policy
  • Customers want to know how long until their product arrived and where it ships from

Seller to Customer Communication - Why it's important

by Inc. Shtotty

This Article will be updated soon.  Please check back after November 25th.

  • Shtotty has a Message Center where you can view all of your messages from Customers
  • Potential Customers may contact you thru the “Contact Seller” link on your Product Detail page
  • Answering customers in a timely fashion will increase customer loyalty
  • Messages are an opportunity for you to close the sale
  • Thru the messages you can pick up on queues on what’s preventing your customer from making the purchase
  • Thru message you can gain insight on how to improve your store, products, or content
  • Good Communication can prevent unnecessary purchases leading to returns


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